In telecommunications, networking, consumer electronics, industrial robots, gateways, and access equipment, ViaWorld is here, helping our industry-leading customers make differentiated devices by focusing on intelligent connected device software and hardware systems.

ViaWorld technology expertises include:
  • Platform and Operating Systems
  • Digital Audio and Video Compression
  • Digital Image Processing Computer Vision
  • VoIP Software & System Testing
  • Set-top Box Middleware & Device Drivers
  • Blu-Ray and DVD players
  • Network Performance Optimization and System Integrations
Whether you're developing embedded software or hardware for customers in the consumer, telecom, set-top boxes, network equipment, or industrial markets, we have the solutions you need.  We go beyond standalone product and service offerings that simply help tune applications, deploy them, maintain them, or manage them. ViaWorld's comprehensive solutions include application-enabling platforms based on open technology, with expert service capabilities and global support for the entire product life cycle.
Our solutions are tailored to help you achieve success in your specific market—the one that matters most to you. ViaWorld platforms include an open, extensible, Eclipse-based development suite, a choice of operating systems to match your device requirements, professional services practices to extend your team's capabilities, and a comprehensive hardware and software partner ecosystem. With ViaWorld, you can develop, test, and manage embedded systems better, faster, at lower cost, and more reliably.