an innovative wearable device to make your dreams come true


InsoleManya, an innovative wearable device, which helps alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, is actively developed and implemented at ViaWolrd. This device intergrates the cutting-edge technology with time-honored practice and brings the gospel to the people tossing at night.

Wearable medical devices are non-intrusive devices that offer various solutions to both, patients as well as physicians or health care providers. These solutions can primarily be classified into two categories, namely therapeutic purposes or disease management and monitoring and feedback.

A wearable medical device incorporates capabilities such as wireless data transmission, real time feedback and assessment and so on. During the forecast period of 2015-2020, the market is projected to grow remarkably at 21.3% to generate revenue of $41.3 billion by 2020.

Be treated everywhere

With InsoleManyaTM, wherever you'll be, you are under ongoing theraputic treatment, a consistent and individually designed recovering process

ViaVoice Embedded from ViaWorld is a platform-independent VoIP software component designed for standalone use or to be embedded into another application. The ViaVoice Embedded software suite provides a full-featured Call Manager, Voice Engine, and Information Subsystem, providing developers with a comprehensive VoIP development solution for devices such as IP Phones, VoIP ATAs, RoIP Gateways, security call-boxes and many others. 

Information Subsystem

Voice engine

  • Codecs: G.711, G.726 (16/24/33/40 kbps), G.722, DVI4 (narrow/HD/Ultra HD), iLBC, Speex
  • Optional Codec: G.729
  • Algorithms: Gain, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), DC Blocker, High-Pass Filter, Voice Activity Detector (VAD), Acoustic Echo Suppressor, Sample Rate Conversion, DTMF (Generator/Detector), Call Progress Tone Generator, Custom Ring Tone Generator, Comfort Noise Generator, Packet Loss Compensation
  • Optional Algorithms: Custom Tone Generator, Acoustic Echo Canceller , Noise Reduction, Frequency Equalizer

  • Configuration Information Management
  • File-based by default
  • Can integrate with platform’s configuration style
  • Runtime Information Management (e.g. call status)
  • Access via HTTP/JSON-based web service for remote configuration and status monitoring

Web-Based Configuration UI

A full ANSI C source code release allows ViaVoice Embedded to be used on virtually any platform. Simply porting the Fusion Common Layer (FCL) abstraction to a platform’s RTOS/OS, network stack, and file system (optional), and implementing an audio driver channel for the platform’s audio hardware is all that is necessary to start making VoIP calls. Additionally, having full source code allows customer changes to be made to the code (such as implementing newer or less popular RFCs) and aids in debugging low-level problems. 

  • Optional: HTTPS for secure access
  • Expandable to include user-application configuration
  • Allows real-time control of key system functionality such as dialing and answering calls

ViaVoice Features

Core VoIP Networking Protocols
  • Optional: SIPS, SRTP  for secure communications

Call Management
  • Supported Workflows: SoftPhone, Desktop Phone, POTS FXS, POTS FXO
  • Actions: place calls, answer calls, disconnect calls, on/off hold, transfer, conference, generate DTMF, etc.
  • Events: incoming call, peer on/off hold, peer disconnect, being transferred, DTMF received, registered/unregistered, etc.
  • Call management control via HTTP/JSON-based web service for remote control

The Viaworld Power SideKick is an all-in-one auto & boat cleaning system that makes cleaning your vehicle a snap!  With one single motor host, the Power SideKickTM System can be used for wash, vacuum and polish.

An included rechargeable battery pack also ensures ease of use compared with the clutter and inconvenience associated with corded devices. Not to mention the added peace of mind of using low voltage Power SideKick in close proximity of water and other liquids. Simply charge, attach either the wash, vacuum or polish module, and that’s it!

Its patented system allows you to have all of these features using a main unit with attachable tools - making the Power SideKick the most versatile auto & boat cleaning system in the market today.  Other  tools, if purchased separately, can cost up to $250-300. The Power SideKick combines the most used vehicle cleaning tools in one powerful package at a very attractive price.