PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a process requiring both innovative manufacturing concepts and flexible technology. At ViaWorld Technology, our PCB assembly process has been designed to accommodate all types of printed circuit boards, whether they be small, large, single-sided, double-sided, thin, thick, layered, or even requiring mixed technology. We know that successful PCB assembly requires explicit attention to detail and a broad understanding of how your PCB design needs to function.
SMT Assembly - Surface Mount Technology is our mainstay of business at ViaWorld utilizing our state-of-the-art Surface Mount Process. Nearly all jobs quoted require surface mount technology, often in combination with conventional through hole components.

Once the board is completed, it then goes through our rigorous testing and/or inspection phase. The result is a printed circuit board assembly that has been manufactured flawlessly according to the standards our customers dictate.  
Solutions are available from ViaWorld in collaboration with our partners. ViaWorld has worked with customers to demonstrate strong ROI in numerous applications, and can address the needs of users in many industries: telecom, networking, industrial automation, medical instruments, IP voice gateways, consumer electronics, and more.