Product Manufacturing
ViaWorld offers more than just manufacturing. Whether you want to expand a product line, launch a prototype program or integrate a JDM strategy, we raise the quality of your products while lowering cost.  You can count on your ViaWorld partnership. Quality, technology, service and expertise from around the world allow you to get more from an EMS partner. We’re always ready and prepared to be quick and responsive. And we always put the customer first. We help you become more successful by providing competence, dedication, willingness and a fighting spirit. We offer design, manufacturing and logistics solutions that will impact your bottom line!
Get the quality, technology and service your business requires:

  • Incorporate manufacturing services where it makes sense
  • Enter low-cost regions that fit your current customer base
  • Utilize our NPI centers as gateways to volume manufacturing
  • Access our BTO and CTO processes for maximum efficiency